Both Sailing the Sky Sea and Jupiter Bound begin on the same day, March 1 2519.  Below is a condensed chronology of the major events leading up to that day.

2052:  Last World War: The Pan-Anglo Eurasian Alliance defeats the Easterner and Russo-Asian alliances in an eight month world conflagration. Two billion people die in the war and its aftermath. The Commonwealth is established.
2056:  The first Commonwealth-wide Machine Laws limit the capabilities of all synthetic sentients to “mid-range human” levels.
2065-2102:  Project Exodus: Cityship sub-light habitats depart the Solar System, four towards Alpha Centauri (Gaia) and one towards Tau Ceti (Zarathustra).
2073-2330:  Project Genesis: The Venus Terraformation Project transforms Venus into a habitable world.
2120-2300:  The Mars Terraformation Project transforms Mars into a habitable world.
2178:  Chiron University on Gaia produces the first super-human artificial intellect, Adam.
2181-2182:  The Colonial War results in the independence of the offworld Solar System colonies.
2197:  On Gaia, Yan Rheyes and the Janus AI discover the principles of macrojump faster-than-light technology.
2206:  The Confederation is established, reuniting humanity.
2233:  Gaian researchers bring on line the first Archangel ultra-human artificial intellects and legalize their existence across the Centauri Federation.
2238-2335:  The Confederation establishes over one hundred interstellar colonies within a hundred light-years of Sol.
2243-2244:  The Third Eridani or Amaterasu War pits the Confederation against Easterner refugees at 82 Eridani (Amaterasu).
2251-2262:  The M’kkiae War pits the Confederation against the M’kkiae race and Easterner enclaves. The conflict ends with the subjugation of the Easterners and extinction of the M’kkiae.
2304:  Approval of Life Therapy, a permanent genetic alteration conferring enhanced longevity and health, spawning the origin of the Homo Nobilis race.
2335-2355:  The Great Schism, a protracted conflict fought over cultural, religious and synthetic freedoms, destroys the old Confederation and effectively ends interstellar society. Two billion people die within the Solar System and Earth collapses into a patchwork of warlord states.
2412:  Founding of the Asteroid Belt Confederation at Vesta.
2413:  Albert Kagnon-Mellon proclaims himself Duke of Hesperia on Mars.
2464-2516:  The Martian Unification Wars eventually establish Albert Kagnon-Mellon as Emperor of Mars.
2519:  The Mars-Belter War begins with skirmishes in the Jovian Trojan Belt.

Sunward Bound is set in 2520

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